As a graduate from the Egoscue® University, Jerri Colella can help you with your therapy and e-cise programs.

Postural Alignment

The goal of Postural Alignment is to eliminate disparities that can occur when injuries or lifestyle conditions affect the way the musculoskeletal system actually moves. You can be assisted in a variety of ways that include observing your gait, the way he/she strides forward, turns and executes other routine maneuvers. You are then instructed in a series of personalized exercises and then continue on your own at home. Modifications are made whenever necessary. You assume responsibility for your own health.

How Therapy Works

What to expect:

  • For your 1st appointment plan on spending 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Each additional appointments are 1 hour
  • We will take 4 digital photos (front, back, left, right)
  • Test your functional capacity (using functional tests)
  • Gait analysis (the way you currently walk)
  • Design and implement your personalized postural exercise program

What to wear:

  • T-shirt, tank top, or sports bra
  • Shorts, comfortable pants or sweatpants (pants must be able to pull-up pass your knees)
  • Light clothing preferred when taking photos
  • Tennis shoes

What you will receive:

  • A printed personalized exercise program
  • Digital printout of your posture
  • A better understanding of your posture

Postural Alignment is a common sense approach to the human body and provides an increased feeling of confidence that accompanies improved health. Contact me to find out more, or to schedule an appointment.

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