My back problems have been ongoing for 30 years. I have had two operations and persistent L2 pain. Even after surgery I required epidural injections for pain for one to two years. After learning about Egoscue and working with Jerri, I am painfree and have no need for injections.

–Dr. Patrick Thomas M.D.

I have trained with Jerri for nearly 20 years and have found her to always be innovative and knowledgeable in her training. Her discovery of Pete Egoscue and his method has been truly revolutionary! With the menus Jerri creates specifically for me, I am able to do my Egoscue exercises at home or while traveling. It definitely eliminates pain, improves posture, increases flexibility, and also makes participation in other physical activities possible and much more enjoyable!

–Dana Woodard

My back pain is gone. After about 4 days of doing the exercises it felt better. After a week I didn’t feel back pain at all. I know exactly where it was, but there’s no pain there now!

–Susan Hadfield

I’ve been working with Jerri for years. I’m always amazed by such great results from such little changes.

–Dr. Sasha Vukelja, M.D. (Dr. V)

My posture, flexibility and strength have improved after several sessions. Jerri also has taught me exercises to benefit my golf game.

–James McClure

I was in desperate need of shoulder pain relief. After working with Jerri for the first 30 minutes, my shoulder pain level went from a 10 to a 2. It was completely gone by the end of our session-like magic! I see her one hour each week for a “tune up”. No matter what is bothering me when I begin, I am always improved by the end of the hour!

–Suzie Rippy

I’ve made good progress by being devoted to the Egoscue exercises. I do them every night, just before bed as a meditation and quiet time-as well as exercise I took look forward to. My body is getting stronger, yet it craves these e-cises. A few days ago, I sat at the piano bench for an hour and a half without any physical pain at all.

–Mary Ann Ranney

My job requires sitting at a desk and a computer most of the day, which over the years has caused poor posture accompanied by shoulder and neck pain. Jerri has helped me correct bad posture habits and relieve the discomfort.

–Karen R. Roberts

In the 10 years I’ve trained with Jerri, she continually includes the most revolutionary methods. We were doing core work WAY before it was a buzz word. When everyone else began talking about it, it was old stuff to Jerri’s clients. So when she announced, “We’re going to start working on your posture and your pain,” I was open to trying it. After completing the Egoscue exercises, the nagging tension in my neck and left shoulder went away. I’m vigilant about doing the menus, because I don’t want it to return. How often can you say, “I finished my workout and it feels like I had a massage?’ With Jerri and Egoscue, I can say it every time.

–Fran Cooper

I often have knee and back pain, but when I do the Egoscue exercises on a regular basis the pain goes away. I can’t even count the number of people I have bragged to about Jerri and the solutions she has given me!

–Jan Walker

Jerri has been my trainer for 16 years. She has always been a step ahead of her colleagues in her methods. When she started practicing the Egoscue Method, I was very skeptical: but soon, I was amazed at what could be accomplished. People think their body shape is the way they are made – head forward of the plumb line or toes pointing out, etc. These posture issues are caused by life style. I thought my humped back was a sign that I was getting older. Through the appropriate Egoscue exercises, my back has straightened and my head is back. I not only look better, but I have no neck pain and fewer headaches.

–Terry Darryl

After my car wreck, Jerri came to my house every day and worked with me until I could walk and return to the gym. I know I would still be in a lot of pain had I not done the Egoscue exercises for my back, broken leg and ankle. Thanks Jerri for your passion in helping people who are hurting.

–Dennis Darryl